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Sure, vehicle window tinting looks sleek and cool, but there are many other reasons to consider window tint, including privacy, security, and more.

For most people, their vehicle is the most valuable asset they own. This is why they invest in regular engine tuneups, oil changes, wheel alignment, detailing and more to maintain the vehicle’s performance and aesthetics. This maintenance plan should include vehicle window tinting. Window tint is a thin film installed on the vehicle’s windshield, side windows and rear window.

All anyone has to do is drive around and look at vehicles surrounding them to see – clear as day – that not all vehicle window tinting companies are created equal. We’ve all noticed the telltale signs of poor window tinting jobs. Tint that cracks and peels. Tint that gets wrinkled. Tint with small air bubbles. Tint with noticeable gaps and uneven lines.

Anthony AutoSpa provides premium vehicle window tinting service at your location, using only the tried, trued, and tested performance auto tint. The quality of the overall job is reflected in the quality of the film that is installed, as well as the skill and meticulousness of the individual installing that tint. Our expertise provides a tint that enhances the look, comfort, and energy efficiency of your vehicle’s glass.

We utilize the latest vehicle tinting techniques, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, to assure that your vehicle’s tint is perfect. Guaranteed.

Types of Vehicles we Tint

Benefits of Vehicle Window Tinting

Aside from performing mobile vehicle window tinting at your home, Anthony Autospa provides high level on-site window tinting services to the following types of facilities:

Every vehicle owner has specific and different needs for window tinting. We understand these needs, starting with helping you decide the correct percentage of tint – it’s darkness and reflection – considering California’s tinting regulations. 

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Master installs a tint film for the car glass with a hairdryer and spatula with glare of light. Concept tinting car
Close up of car window tint. Ceramic film provide heat rejection & UV protection with color stable shade. Automobile film installed to glass surface of red car. Professional tinting service background