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An aircraft represents a substantial investment. Let’s face the facts: It’s fun to own a sleek and gorgeous aircraft.

Airplanes are fun to ride, but few have the time, patience, or desire to maintain the clean, beautiful look of their aircraft on their own. Without the proper knowledge, equipment, and products, it’s easy to undermine the overall look and value of your aircraft. But it isn’t just about how your plane looks. By removing debris from bugs and other organic materials, you increase your aircraft’s performance.


Our meticulous and coordinated mobile detailing operation allows us to provide all cleaning and detailing services at your location and on your schedule, safely preserving the beauty of your aircraft’s interior and exterior. Aircraft detailing is a vital form of maintenance. Choosing the right professional with the right experience is just as vital.


We utilize the latest aircraft detailing techniques and state-of-the-art detailing equipment to detail your aircraft to perfection.

Types of Aircraft we Detail

Interior Aircraft Detailing Services

Exterior Aircraft Detailing Services

Anthony Autospa provides high level on-site aviation detailing services to the following Los Angeles-area airports:

Exterior Aircraft Detailing Services

Every aircraft owner has specific and different needs. We understand these needs. We look forward to creating a custom plan to help you protect your valuable investment.

* Final price is determined by vehicle make and model, color, and condition.
** 2+ hours of work 
*** Ask us about our add-ons for services not listed!
**** Inquire about our monthly maintenance packages!

Aviation Ceramic Coating Contact Us For More Information

Flight Shield is an Aerospace Company that offers the industries finest paint revitalization processes and protective coatings that greatly enhance and protect aircraft across the Nation and Globe. Our coatings greatly extend or completely eliminate the need for aircraft repainting. Enhance and Maximize Aircraft Appearance even on newly painted aircraft. Protect Aircraft paint from contaminates, Eliminates oxidation and fading of paint. Decrease downtime for painting and cleanings. 




  • Flight Shield Sapphire V1 Nano Ceramic Coating is the newest and most technologically advanced protective coating available to the aerospace industry. It offers all of the protective characteristics of our original Reactive Polymer but lasts twice as long and is 9H hard to provide greatly improved scratch resistance.


  • Flight Shield Reactive Polymer is our original high-performance protective coating. It is designed to prolong the life, protect and enhance the appearance of painted surfaces. The coating’s protective characteristics and durability last approximately 12 to 18 months before needing to be reapplied.


  • The protective coatings are crystal clear and greatly increase the gloss and finish of the paint. The coatings provide a protective barrier from harmful contaminates that oxidize and fade paint.


  • Flight Shield coatings are not a wax. They are a long lasting clear protective coating that bond to the painted surface, greatly extending the life of the paint and reducing the need for washing and cleaning.


  • Flight Shield coatings add an additional layer of depth to the topcoat of all painted substrates and protects from harmful contaminates such as chemicals, climate extremes, UV rays, deicing fluid, exhaust staining, salt exposure, dirt and insect deposits and much more.