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  • Q: Why detailing?

    A: Car detailing is one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures you can do for your vehicle. This protects the car from the damaging effects of the environment and prolongs the lives of components and parts. And because we are completely mobile, you get the added benefit of saving time.

  • Q: Do I need an appointment?

    A: The work we do is by appointment only. However, we can usually fit you in fairly quickly. Much of how long it takes to schedule your service depends on the type of work you're requesting and the weather.

  • Q: Can't I just take my vehicle through the car wash?

    A: Drive-thru car washes are not ideal. The brushes can be too abrasive and damage the paint of your vehicle and the cleansing agents are too harsh. Also, this option leaves too many untouched spots. You are more likely to end up with swirls and scratched paint from this type of car wash, than a level of professional clean you want.

  • Q: Will you come to my vehicle location?

    A: As we are mobile, we can do our auto detailing at your home or office, as long as our work space is not inhibited by such things as low hanging tree branches, parked cars or anything else that would limit our access to your vehicle. Our unit is completely self-contained - we bring our own water, power and supplies - there are no hidden costs. And with our Eco-Friendly auto detailing system, you don't have to worry about anything harming our environment.

  • Q: How long does detailing a car take?

    A: A PREMIUM CLASS DETAIL, depending on condition, size, color, and model typically requires 6 hours, while an INTERIOR or EXTERIOR ONLY DETAIL requires 3 -5 hours. Please allow more time for pickup trucks and SUVs. We will give you a better timeframe at time of appointment.

  • Q: How often should my vehicle be detailed?

    A: At least once per year. Detailing has proven to be effective in keeping your investment looking like the day you got it. Detailing is also helpful in getting a better resale/trade-in price on your vehicle. So, if you are planning on selling/trading your car or keep loving your car, make sure to have it detailed and properly maintained.

  • Q: Do you service fleet vehicles?

    A: Yes, we would love to discuss better ways we can help showcase your company to your specific requirements.

  • Q: Do you have service packages available if I want my vehicle detailed more often?

    A: Yes, after your first detailing, we would be glad to design an auto detailing Maintenance Plan specifically for your vehicle.

  • Q: Can you remove tough odors from my vehicle?

    A: In most cases yes, we can remove tough smoke, vomit, milk, and other harsh smells. With the proper steps taken, we can remove tough smells for good. This is an Add-on service we provide. Contact us today.

  • Q: How do I pay?

    A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Cash We also accept Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle and other forms of payment.

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